*NEW* iRVision Camera Cover and Mount

Designed specifically to mount FANUC iRVision camera systems to FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaberative robots!


Scara Cover Kit is designed to encapsulate Fanuc’s Scara Robots quill mechanism.

Design For Additive Manufacturing

Global leader in designing 3D printed  assemblies


Light Weight tooling and accessories for Cobots, Delta and Scara Robots.

We are

Anubis 3d

Canada’s largest SLS 3D printer; an Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) service provider dedicated to delivering best quality prototypes and short production runs. We design and build light weight 3D printed End Of Arm Tooling for Industrial robots.

3d printing services

As Canada’s largest SLS 3D Printer we have the experience, the team and the equipment to 3D print your design quickly and efficiently. Our team of designers and engineers will work with you to ensure your part meets the needed technical requirements.

Design For Additive Manufacturing

We work with our customers to migrate parts of their equipment from the traditional sheet metal, and milling to 3D printing to maximize efficiency, upgrade their designs, reduce cost, reduce lead time and achieve manufacturing flexibility. 


Check our products page for light weight robotics tooling and accessories. Our products are mostly used for low payload robots including, Collaborative (COBOTS), Delta, and SCARA robots.

Since 2013

Anubis 3D has been building End of Arm Tools (EOAT) using the SLS process. As Canada’s largest SLS manufacturer we have the engineering knowledge, specialized software and experience with tooling design to produce the highest quality and reliable EOAT, jigs and fixtures. Our team of highly trained designers and engineers consistently produce the best mechanical design and solutions for all 3D printing projects for EOATs, Jigs and Fixtures.

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