Canada's largest SLS 3D printer

Anubis 3D is the leader in 3D printing design as well as the development of End of Arm Tools, Jigs and Mounts. We bring modern 3D printing technology to traditional manufacturing applications allowing for lighter weights and better performance.

Anubis 3D Overview

Our team of highly trained designers and engineers consistently produce the best mechanical design and solutions for all 3D printing projects for EOATs, Jigs and Fixtures.

3D Printed External Bottle gripper
3D printing Spreading End of arm tool

Print on demand services

As Canada’s largest SLS 3D Printer we have the experience, the team and the equipment to 3D print your design quickly and efficiently. If requested, our team of designers and engineers will work with you to ensure your part meets the needed technical requirements.

More than 3D Printing

Through our experience of designing and building 3D printed parts we have learned the best approach is to combine this new technology with traditional manufacturing methods. This enables us greater compatibility and much higher levels of accuracy.

CNC Machining a 3D Printed part
Organic structure for an EOAT tool