We specialize in short production runs of end use parts.

Since 2012 We have produced hundreds of thousands of parts of all shapes and sizes. Our deep understanding of the process allows us to push the limits of our printers to provide our customers with high quality parts. Using our strong background in manufacturing and engineering, we find solutions to meet your needs; including integrating traditional manufacturing methods such as machining, molding or laser cutting components into your order.


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Guarantees precision & quality.

Our process allows for economics of scale. Our applications team will examine opportunities to provide the best parts in the most economical fashion. We also offer special pricing for higher volume. We also offer numerous finishing options including dyeing, painting, coating or surface finish improvement.

We treat quality as a top priority. We offer First Article Inspections, CMM reports, batch by batch material test reports, thorough application engineering to ensure your expectations are met.

Anubis 3D is specialized in industrial applications where quality standards are much more strict compared to prototyping. Our strong & qualified team is able to maintain the quality standards set by traditional manufacturing processes. Aside from our standard Nylon material, we offer materials with FDA compliance (Class VI/121degC), skin contact compliance (ISO 10993-1), Flame retardant (FAR 25.853 6) as well as many others.