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Custom Tools

Anubis 3D specializes in manufacturing light weight End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) using Additive Manufacturing. Our experience manufacturing custom plenum tools is vast, including robotic handling applications for automotive, medical, consumer goods, and packaging. No matter how simple or complex your design is, or staff has the experience and know how to bring your tool to life.


Anubis 3D End of Arm tooling solutions for Injection Molding applications are custom engineered to carefully and precisely handle your products to increase productivity. Lightweight End of Arm Tooling EOAT helps meet robot payload requirements and reduces robot maintenance costs.

For the molding EOATs, grippers usually pick up the runner and sprue. Conventionally, manufactured tooling is heavy and uses expensive mechanical grippers. In Comparison, Anubis 3D’s unique designed tool is lightweight with an organic structure and can connect more than one gripper to the same actuator. This tool is rapidly mounted on the robot arm using our proprietary quick connect, speeding the changeover process and improving the efficiency of the production line.


  • Quick connect for fast swapping
  • No need for adjustments
  • Light weight organic structure
  • Engineered for maximum stiffness with minimum material
  • Internal vacuum channels for vacuum cups
  • Light weight custom grippers


Fast and efficient robotics pick-and-place with suction cups is a crucial component in the current development of automation in factory lines. Light weight tooling paired with suction cups, can safely and reliably increase operation’s speed, and reduce and changeover time. Anubis 3D specializes in custom tooling, that is smartly designed to suit your product pick-and-place patterns. Anubis 3D offers, reliable tooling at competitive pricing, and fast turn around.

These tools are used when a robot is picking multiple products placed randomly on a conveyor. The robot uses a vision system to orient itself to the product and each arm will reach down to pick the parts one at a time. Each set of retractable arms has an independent air-flow system allowing for specific pressure changes where necessary.


  • Organic structure to reduce weight
  • Integrated vacuum channels
  • Quick change over connector


Anubis 3D has designed these adaptive tools to perform multiple Pick N Place operations as required without changing the tool. The tool can be customized to the product size, the number of parts picked and the pitch. Therefore, saving time and cost every time the package type or product size changes. The tool is also equipped with a quick tool changer allowing differently configured suction cup arrangements to be attached.


EOAT with area surface gripper and integrated vacuum

Pneumatic End of Arm Tooling is ideal for applications that require consistent power. Anubis 3D LARGE SURFACE GRIPPERS are light weight, provide a lot of power for their size and are highly efficient. Manufactured using large industrial 3D printers, and Food contact safe Nylon 12, makes the EOAT suitable for the food industry versus hydraulic tooling that may leak and cause contamination, or electric that is very expensive.


Your business and its specific needs are unique, but no matter which robot arm you are using, we will be able to provide you with a custom solution. We proudly offer unmatched End of Arm Tooling EOAT designs, ensuring your company stays ahead of its competition. Each custom tool is designed and manufactured to your application and exact specifications. We invite you to browse our extensive portfolio of custom tools below or click the link to submit a request for a quote and take the first step to increase your business’ productivity! Our team is committed to providing the quickest turnaround in the industry and on-time deliveries.



The original tool was designed for a Delta Robot to pick the product from a conveyor at a specific speed. The performance was low because of the tool weight that maxed the arm payload. Anubis 3D team re-engineered the tool body and replaced the aluminum with a 3D printed alternative from Nylon 12. The re-design was optimized organically without compromising the strength and weight of the tool. This process reduced the total tool weight by 2kg.