Light weight Robotic End Of Arm Tooling has always been a challenge until now.
With our 3D printing technology, we make it possible to build complexity, while drastically reducing weight and cost.

Designing a part or an assembly for 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) is very different from designing for milling, sheet metal or molding.

The rules in the field are still being written. The Additive Manufacturing designer needs to have a good understanding the technology that will be used to manufacture the part, if there will be support structure or not, the material that will be used and its properties. the achievable tolerances, the impact of shrinkage and warpage…etc. Additive manufacturing also offers freedom in design offering the designer more opportunities for innovation.

Since most of our tools are built using Nylon, we often get asked if plastic is strong enough for the tooling and especially when the metal tool that we are replacing often breaks. The answer is simple, its all about the engineering design calculations and parts optimization we use. Most of the tools that are built using off the shelve components mounted on a milled metal base or sheet metal base relies on the experience and gut feeling of the designer. In our case, almost every part and assembly we include in our tools goes through detailed and precise calculations to determine the exact amount of material required to safely support the load and the given operation conditions. The reason we do it this way is because every extra gram of material that is not contributing to parts function only adds avoidable weight and cost to our design.

So how do we manage to do it so well and still remain competitive? The answers are simple.

1. Our designers and engineers have many years of experience and have become experts in 3D printed End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) and fixtures design.
2. We use the latest software solutions for topography optimization and FEA.
3. We simply enjoy the experience of solving problems for our customers, who thankfully keep coming back.


Watch It In Action

We have designed and built solutions for:

  • Pick and retract tools
  • Cam driven bottle gripper
  • EOAT for pick and place
    • Spreading tools
    • Vacuum plenums
    • Bottle grippers
    • Suction cup grippers
    • Surface grippers
  • Tooling accessories
    • Quick connects
    • Wedge Locks
    • Light weight sliders
    • Pick and place