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The electronics industry was one of the first adopters of Additive Manufacturing, offering the flexibility and the speed required to build complex and consolidated assembles of new hardware and electronic products. The freedom of design and ease of customization provided the means to manufacture small series, limited edition testing units without the financial burden and long lead times of mold making.

Anubis 3D provides industrial 3d printing for electronics and parts using Fire Retardant materials. It offers post-process treatments to enhance Electrostatic Discharge ESD properties, in addition to EMI “electromagnetic interference and RFI radio-frequency interference protection treatments over a broad frequency range for 3D printed parts.

Our Industrial 3D Printing Services For The Electronics Industry Include:

  • High-quality enclosures housings
  • PCB holders
  • Electric connectors
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Wire guides and organizers
  • Battery holders
  • Elevator buttons board
  • Braille Elevator buttons
  • Light Fixture support
  • Lamp shades
  • Lab top, I-Pad Supports