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External Bottle Gripper

Anubis 3D’s 2nd generation External Mechanical Grippers (EBG) Improve on what was already an amazing product. Pick N Place (PnP) bottles, jars, and containers with our reliable mechanical grippers. Mechanical grippers are far more cost-effective, as they eliminate costly replacement issues with traditional balloon bottle style grippers. Each gripper incorporates 4 to 8 gear-driven hooks that uniquely lock onto a bottle, jar, or container’s neck to secure the product for rapid transport. The Anubis 3D EBG’s are lightweight, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.


The Anubis 3D External Bottle Grippers (EBG) come in two variations. The MULTI-ACTUATED which is energy efficient using a single pneumatic cylinder to actuate a linear row of grippers. And the SINGLE ACTUATED version which is ultra lightweight and allows the grippers to function individually for small or complicated arrays.



The Anubis 3D External Bottle Grippers (EBG) are available in multiple sizes to best accommodate the bottling industries large variety of bottle form including single use water bottles, soda pop, wide mouth sports drinks and juices. Be confident that we have a EBG sizes that suits your needs.  


The EBG-400 is the smallest gripper in our line up and consists of 4 gear driven fingers that can accommodate cylindrical, square and uncommon shaped bottles. Popular for fresh-press juice and medical pill bottles.


The EBG-600 series gripper is the most popular gripper in our line up. It consists of 6 gear driven fingers to accommodate the most popular lid style used in the beverage market such as cola, water, sparkling beverages and juices.


The EBG-800 is perfect for Wide-Mouth bottles. It consists of 8 gear driven fingers to accommodate sports drink bottles, cleaning supply containers, and many other Wide-Mouth containers.


The EJG-800 is designed for glass Jars and consists of 4 sets of double gear driven fingers for a total of 8, making it extremely strong to pick various Deli Containers, Tubs, plastic and glass Jars. 


The Anubis 3D EBG product is designed to use a combination of 4 to 8 gripping fingers. Each gripper is customized to your bottle bottle, jar, or containers neck. The EBG systems use a bearing supported sundial gear to uniquely rotate the gripping fingers and lock the bottle, jar or container in place ready for rapid transport.



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The MULTI-ACTUATED, External Bottle Gripper (EBG) is equipped with a powerful linear actuator that can activate up to 6 grippers in a row as they’re connect by a low maintenance rack and gear system. Using this setup reduces your operating costs, carbon footprint and noise pollution. 
 3D Printed Gear and Rack
  Low Maintenance Linear Slide
  Anodized Aluminum Plate
  External Bottle Gripper Unit

Whether it’s a small application of 6 bottles, or a large application of hundreds of bottles, our External Bottle Gripping system can adapt and scale to suit your case pattern needs.
Contact us today to arrange a virtual or in person demonstration.


Anubis 3D External Bottle Grippers (EBG) modular design allows for  almost unlimited scalability. We have a solution big or small, watch as dozens of grippers EBG work in sync to pick a non-typical square bottles.

Contact us today to arrange a virtual or in person demonstration.


The SINGLE ACTUATED GRIPPERS (SAG) is Anubis 3D’s stand alone solution for bottle gripping. Combining the customized gripping fingers found on all EBG units, with an on board linear actuating cylinder, rack and gear system provides a robust bottle gripping solution .

 Anodized Aluminum Plate
  3D Printed Gear and Rack 
  Miniature Pneumatic Actuator
  External Bottle Gripper Unit

Consider the SAG as a eco friendly replacement for costly pneumatic balloon style grippers. The grippers can easily be individually mounted via the M6 through holes to new or existing tools. The SAG gripper can also be adapted and combined into custom tooling, creating a versatile ultralight bottle gripping solution. 

Speak with an Anubis representative today about customizing your bottle gripping solution today.

The Anubis 3D’s  we are strong believers in smart modular design. Incorporating modular design in our EBG systems allows for our engineered products to be used in new exciting ways. In this custom tooling example our SINGLE ACTUATED GRIPPER (SAG) picks and flips a juice beverage bottle 90° before placing it, allowing for flexibility in line construction.
Simplify your workflow by adding a Anubis 3D Manual Tool Changers (MTC) to your EBG tooling. Making tool changes has never been easier, simply rotate the MTC handle to release the tool from the robot flange. Not only do the MTC units pass through pressurized air, they’re able to distribute the air with a built in manifold. A simple sleek lightweight solution for all your Cobot applications. 

Learn more today by visiting our Manual Tool Changer page.