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A polyamide powder (Nylon 12) is our most popular and economical material. It has excellent balance of mechanical , thermal properties, excellent long-term stability and chemical resistance. It is also bio-compatible and food-safe in addition to UL-94 HB compliant.


When glass particles are added to the polyamide material, the stiffness, density, and abrasion resistance all increase. The heat deflection temperature is also much higher in PA614-GS compared to PA2200.

PA 606-FR

This is the only commercially available fire-retardant polyamide material that meets FAR 25.853 60 second burn specification. The physical properties of this material are similar to PA2200. This material is also UL94-V2 compliant. ( Only certain part thicknesses are compliant)


A metallic grey, aluminum-filled 40% polyamide 12 powder, which is characterized by its high stiffness metallic appearance. While the mechanical and thermal resistance properties are improved, the material shares more characteristics with PA12 than with aluminum.

PA 860

White PA 11 is formulated for easy processing, and parts made with this material have a smooth surface finish due to tightly controlled particle distribution. Parts produced from PA 860 exhibit outstanding mechanical properties.

material comparison table

Unfilled Nylon 11 PA 860 Unfilled Nylon 12 PA2200 40% Aluminum Filled Nylon 12 Alumide 40% Glass Filled Nylon 12 PA 614-GF Flame Retarding Nylon 12 PA 606-FR
Abrasion Resistance
Skin Contact Approval
Food Contact Approval
Chemical Resistance
Thermal Insulator
Burning Resistance

**Other materials available upon request. Contact us for more information**