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Customization and the ability to print complex assemblies, with Additive Manufacturing, are the main advantages to the healthcare industry. Dental work, patient educational models, and prosthetic limbs are just a few applications Anubis 3D offers medical and dental customers. The ability to print with bio-compatible certified materials for EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121°C such as the PA2200 makes 3D printing a viable option for all prototyping and end-use applications.

Anubis 3D team will walk you through the process and offer solutions for your project. We offer our expertise in prototyping and end-use product manufacturing.

Copyright to Khalifa University

Some of the applications that benefit from 3D printing

  • Custom shoes
  • Orthotics
  • Casts
  • Prosthetics
  • Dental mouth guards
  • Ventilator accessories
  • Custom Respirators
  • Medical devices enclosures and accessories
  • Medical cutting and drilling guides prototypes
  • Medical instrument prototype
  • Sleep Apnea custom mask accessories
  • Hearing Aids