4 and 2 position spreading end of arm tool.

3D printed eoat 4 position spreader

Key Features

• Weight 4kg
• Has 2 settings, 4 positions and 2 positions
• Quick change over feature between the 2 settings
• smooth rolling action with no hard stops
• quick connect for suction cup & ejector replacement

Angle view of end of arm tool
Top view of end of arm tool

2 settings, 4 positions and 2 positions with a quick change over feature.

Development Information

In this case the tool is picking product weighing 250 grams per tower using suctions cups (not shown in the picture). The total tool weighs less than 4 kgs. The tool can be customized to the product size, the number of parts picked and the pitch.

Quick Release end

The tool is equipped with a quick disconnect allowing differently configured suction cup arrangements to be attached.

3D printing eoat quick release
Spreading end of arm tool detail