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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a crucial step in any manufacturing process. 3D printing has become a mainstream production process in high-performance industrial applications. Therefore, the technology must consistently and reliably deliver high-quality parts with the properties needed to meet demanding applications.

The Quality Policy of Anubis 3D Industrial solutions Inc. was founded on customer satisfaction. We strive for continuous improvement of our Quality Management System to attain the objectives of our company:

  • Supplying products and services that meet or exceed customer’s requirements
  • Offering a service that results in customer satisfaction
  • Continuous development of a dependable supply chain

We are committed to continuous improvement and the assessment of the Quality Management System to assure its suitability to meet the requirements of our company and customers.

Anubis 3D high-quality material blends are tested and approved by equipment manufacturers, guaranteeing the stability and traceability of produced parts.

Process monitoring and process control

Three elements come together to enable a faster, more reliable, and sustainable quality assurance process for 3D-printed parts. It includes:

  • Build planning
  • Monitoring
  • Quality samples in each batch.

Adjusting and documenting batch parameters before and during the printing process is crucial. The ability to act on data collected in real-time is the reason for the success of parts production.

Standard operating procedures reduce human errors and ensure that a 3D-printed part meets all the required standards.

3D manufacturing requires human intervention, from the design phase to cleaning parts and removing supports or post-processing. Once a build has finished, it is unpacked, checked and random samples measured, or 100% inspection is conducted according to customer requirements before post-processing.

Special Quality Requirements

Anubis 3D quality team can provide upon request :

  • Certificate of compliance COC
  • Measurement Report 
  • CT scan report with in-depth data on the microstructure of a 3D manufactured part