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Area Surface Grippers

Anubis 3D Area Surface Grippers (ASG) line up of end effectors are constructed using modern additive manufacturing, making our grippers up to 30% lighter than conventional aluminum end effectors. We offer grippers packaged with either fully integrated vacuum system IVTC which contains solenoid valves, venturi vacuum generators, and sensors or with a pass-through system MTC which allows the use of externally generated vacuum from blowers or pumps.

No matter which system you choose, all of our Area Surface Gripper (ASG) Products are equipped with a manual tool changing system to allow rapid and easy swapping between ASG plenums and custom tools.


Anubis 3D Area Surface Gripper (ASG) systems consist of 3 versions. PRECONFIGURED which includes various pre-engineered modules. SEMI-CONFIGURED uses the same pre-engineered modules but allows for further customization of the size and location of inlets and additional surface sealing options. Our FULLY CUSTOMIZED offers unbound innovation while working closely with our engineering and design team.
Fully Engineered Lightweight Plenums to get you up and running fast.

  • Widths of 100, 150, 200mm.
  • Lengths of 100 to 800mm in 50mm Increments.
  • Inlet Pitch Arrays of 25mm and 50mm.
  • Suction Cup Sizes 20mm, and 40mm.
  • Foam Thickness 10mm, and 20mm.
Fully Engineered Lightweight Plenums with customizable Inlet Pitch Arrays.

  • Widths of 100, 150, 200mm.
  • Lengths of 100 to 800mm in 50mm Increments.
  • Customizable Inlet Pitch Arrays. 
  • Customizable Suction Cup Sizes.
  • Foam Thickness 10mm, and 20mm.
Fully Customized Plenum Design, Contact us today to learn more.

  • Fully Customizable Widths.
  • Fully Customizable Lengths.
  • Fully Customizable Inlet Pitch Arrays. 
  • Fully Customizable Suction Cup Sizes.
  • Foam Thickness 10mm, and 20mm.



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ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL! With the revolutionary Area Surface Grippers (ASG) series, we can customize the plenum sizes according to the specific application requirements. The change tool fitted with a flow restrictor system offers the flexibility to conquer many material-picking challenges. As shown in this video demo, the ASG-A gripper unit combined with the Integrated Vacuum Tool Changer (IVTC-A) can effortlessly pick multiple materials with or without complete workpiece contact.
Contact us today for a virtual or in-person demonstration from our team of experts.


At Anubis 3D we don’t stop innovating, we push to improve each component used in our products. From our lightweight tooling solutions to smartly designed fittings that contain flow-restricting elements to mount suction cups reliably for thousands of pick-and-place operations.

Quickly swap between different ASG Flow Control Fittings FCF to suit your needs. Simply insert and twist clockwise with the specified screwdriver bit to engage our sealed cam action locking system to provide a leak proof connection.

Our unique fittings are available with many engineered flow controlling solutions including non-return check valves, and various diameters of orifices pass-throughs ranging in size from 1.0 to 1.5mm. The Anubis 3D FCF fitting system is not limited to standard dimensions, speak with our team today about how additive manufacturing can apply to flow restriction customization.

Anubis 3D Flow Control Fittings are available in a variety of different formats to accommodate various suction cup diameters as well as foam and silicone to suit all your handling needs.


ASG Preconfigured tools come standard with either suction cups or foam. We offer either 20 or 40mm suction cups pitched at 25 and 50mm. And EPMD foam in 10 and 20mm thickness with inlet holes pitched at 25 and 50mm

The ASG Preconfigured gripper is meticulously engineered into modular components that expedite lead times and analysis. Each section is connected by a specially designed joint using state-of-the-art adhesive compounds. ASG Preconfigured plenums are available in widths of 100, 150, and 200mm. And in lengths varying from 100 to 1000mm in 50mm increments.


Easily connect to FANUC’s line up of CRX cobots using Anubis 3D’s Robot Interface Module (RIM). We provide you with customized plug-in software to easily and  innately control your Anubis 3D Integrated Vacuum Tool Changer (IVTC) powered tools such as our Area Surface Grippers (ASG) and coming soon our Automatic Carton Erector (ACE) tools. Contact us today to learn more about our software plugins.